What is Visitors Insurance?

Congratulations on your decision to travel to another country. Just remember that overseas visits can introduce you to risks that you’re not used to encountering in your daily life at home. If you get sick or hurt, lose your passport or luggage, or even get stranded because of a canceled flight, you won’t have the same resources to deal with these urgent situations when you travel overseas as you probably did at home. With a good visitors insurance policy, you won’t have to worry. You can access 24/7 concierge service on the phone no matter where you happen to suffer from some bad fortune.

How Does Visitors Insurance Protect You in Foreign Countries?

You can buy travel health insurance to protect you against illnesses or injuries that you may suffer while you’re on your trip. These plans will not just help pay medical bills but will also help you find quality healthcare nearby.

Typically, these plans won’t cover:

  • Most treatments associated with pre-existing conditions: Some plans will help pay for urgent and unexpected events associated with a pre-existing condition on a limited basis.
  • Any routine or elective medical treatments: Your trip health insurance won’t cover elective surgery, routine checkups, or any anticipated medical treatments.

You can choose between fixed or comprehensive medical policies. Typically, you’ll pay less for a fixed or limited policy; however, the policies will only pay a specified amount for each kind of treatment and may require you to use a network of providers. Comprehensive policies will pay more of the bill and are usually more flexible about which doctors, clinics, and hospitals that you can use.

You can also decide to buy a plan with even broader travel insurance features, like protection against theft, misplaced items, and even canceled or interrupted trips. Policies may also help pay for transportation back home in case of covered emergencies. You’ll get access to a 24/7 phone number that you can call for guidance if you do need to ask for help or make a policy claim.

How Do You Buy Visitors Insurance Policies?

We make it easy to purchase visitors insurance online. You can compare plans, make a purchase, and download your insurance policy documents right from our website

As part of our service, we also strive to explain products and answer questions right here on this website. Still, we must offer a disclaimer for our travel medical insurance and other travel insurance guides. As with any insurance, you must read the insurance company's brochures and policy or certificate before making a purchase. The insurance company's documents explain policy features, benefits, exclusions, limitations, claims handling, and other critical details. If you ever find a conflict between our website's wording and information from the insurance company, the insurance company's documents take precedence and represent your legal contract.