Thousands of international travelers visit the United States annually, and the rate has seen an increase over the years as more of their relatives relocate and permanently reside in the United States. Many of these international travelers are relatives visiting their family members in the U.S. While such trips are often filled with great joy and happiness, many will find themselves without the necessary visitor’s insurance and end up knee deep in medical bills. Usually, they are only able to pay a fraction of these expensive medical bills or their family member in the U.S. will unfairly take on some of the financial burden, which is unfair. Many of this can easily be avoided and hundreds of dollars saved by easily purchasing a visitors insurance before traveling to the United States.

Visitor health insurance plans are short-term medical insurance policies that cover illnesses or medical injuries that transpire after the purchase date of the policy and away from the home county. It does not cover pre-existing medical condition or problems related to pre-existing medical situations such as diabetes, cancer, high-blood pressure, etc.

Visitor Medical Insurance covers eligible medical expenses based on the purchased plan. Purchasing visitor insurance is as easy, quick, and worth the small investment in your health.  Online purchasing makes it convenient to get this essential coverage before traveling to the U.S.

You can purchase USA visitor medical insurance from a U.S. based insurance company or a company from your home country.  While the cost of coverage purchased in your home country is often much less expensive, there are significant disadvantages. Many U.S. hospitals do not accept these foreign policies making the claims process lengthy, and often you will find out you just wasted money and time on buying insurance in your home country.

Once you purchase your policy, you will receive a health insurance card displaying all of the relevant information such as id number, claims filing address in the U.S., toll-free number and the doctor’s office to verify coverage.  U.S. doctors office require all necessary information to bill the insurance company.

Regardless of age, anyone who is visiting the U.S. is a prime candidate for visitors health insurance. It is especially recommended for older adults and parents who are visiting their children in the U.S. to acquire USA visitors medical insurance before visiting their loved ones. Elderly parents who are more susceptible to falling ill are highly recommended to purchase a comprehensive plan. Also, visiting parents who are limited financially or do not have the extra fund to pay out of pocket medical care in case of an emergency during their U.S. trip should invest in a visitors medical insurance. The U.S. based adult child should take the initiative to purchase visitors medical insurance for their parents ensuring their parents are tended to in case of any medical emergencies.