International travel medical insurance is insurance that covers medical care for any unforeseen illness or bodily harm/injuries from accidents while traveling abroad outside your home country. This type of insurance is recommended prior to any international travels or vacation and covers both short and long trips. This is useful for those who plan on living abroad temporarily as it will save individuals a lot of money while securing proper health care and medical attention in case of emergencies.

Several factors can be detrimental to your trip, physically, emotionally, and financially. Many of these factors are often unforeseen and unplanned and can catch you off-guard, which is why any individual traveling internationally should secure a policy before their trip.

Depending on the policy you purchase other things will also be covered besides medical costs such as: losing your international passport, luggage, or wallet. In addition to the loss, trip interruption, cancellation of flight, accident, natural disaster, and some other deplorable unforeseen circumstances may also be covered (based on your coverage).