Plan Types

All the Travel Medical Insurance plans either fall into the Fixed/Limited or Comprehensive coverage category.

Fixed Coverage Plans:

  • Plans are lower in costs, provides limited coverage as the name of the plan “limited” and “fixed” suggests. They are also easygoing as per the requirement of going to any doctor you wish, but payment of pre-defined dollar amount is essential with the facility.
  • These plans may not be adequate, as they cater to the basic requirements only. Benefits associated with the plan are also limited—good enough to define the lower cost budget.
  • The limited coverage plans have pre-defined rates and treatment service; they may or may not link this facility to a PPO network—which means you can visit any doctor as per the decided policy to be implemented.
  • This is a low-on-cost premium plan with no travel-related coverage.

Comprehensive Coverage Plans:

  • These plans are more “comprehensive” or extensive providing a much better and flexible coverage. Not only does this plan offer more coverage with lower risk on the amount—most of the incurred medical costs will be the responsibility of the insurance company providing visitors insurance.
  • With the apparent benefits, flexibility, and premium coverage, the higher costs are understandable and expected with such. It is apparently costlier as compared to the limited coverage plan, but offers a great deal of benefits as compared to the limited coverage plan. This plan is recommended for higher risks, especially those planning a visit where they will be participating in physical activities or going to a destination increasing their risk of needing medical attention.
  • The linked benefits of this plan is the PPO network offer, which gives an excellent pathway to your insurance needs. Liability is deductible, and the PPO network gives out discounted rates as well. With a comprehensive coverage plan, it is better to follow the PPO network; otherwise, you can also visit any doctor of your choice. With high-end facilities come high premiums, hence this plan is costly but includes sufficient added benefits.
  • There is also a better need of travel facilities addressed in this plan; the policy-holder gets good coverage with facilities such as insurance bundles; depending on the individual situation, help in case of trip cancellations, baggage loss, etc.