Global/Expatriate Plans

Global medical insurance is also addressed as expatriate medical insurance. Global medical insurance is the ideal type of policy for those individuals who travel the world whether for business or leisure. A global medical insurance is a long-term medical insurance that allows you to go to any destination in the world while being covered.In such cases, traveling for months or living in different countries throughout the year becomes easy. Flexible medical coverage makes jet-setting and holidays care-free.

Global healthcare insurance is suitable for anyone who does an of traveling. It is available at competitive rates with flexible benefits. It is best for frequent travelers, the ones who travel to complete their yearly targets, the ones who live abroad—away from their families—people who live in their vacation home, and most importantly, travel guides who travel around the globe. Traveling on assignments, visits, adventures, and discoveries is also an added feature of global insurance. Actors, actresses, models, photographers, journalists, and world-travelers are all recommended to purchase such insurance as they will find it very beneficial. It is a flexible coverage catering all medical facilities from childbirth to pre-existing coverage with potential add-ons.

The information presented on Visitors Guru’s website is available to view with the purpose to provide general understanding at your convenience. It is imperative and in your very best interest to make the effort to thoroughly review insurance plan “Brochure” and “Policy/Certificate” prior to purchasing the policy. Reviewing these documents will give you vital information such as: Schedule of Benefits/Limits, Exclusions, and Complete details. Visitors Guru will do our best to properly describe your plan, should there be a misunderstanding- the wording on the policy certificate will be honored. All Terms and Conditions listed on your insurance policy document(s) is legally applicable and binding.