Group Travel Insurance Plans

Travel takes many forms—friends traveling in summer breaks, a family holiday, or just a business trip. It is essential to have an international travel insurance in the USA, so why not opt for a group medical insurance? It is easier on the pockets too. The advantages attached with it are its cost cut scheme —not a bad offer at all—and the easy administration of insurance policy where you don’t have to fill out forms individually; however, you do get a master copy on your ID information individually. On the other hand, this policy is assumed to be a restriction when you need at least 5 persons to avail the offer; moreover, everyone in the group needs to have the same starting and ending date for the policy. The eligibility criteria also need to be defined to all members properly.

Group travel medical insurance is a good offer to take advantage of; it is feasible for short visits, leisure activities and trips with friends and family; you can coordinate and get the policy which will eventually suit your time and needs. Coordination is the key factor even for colleagues traveling to the USA for a business trip. Save the cost of insurance and spend it to avail great offers on activities of your choice.

The information presented on Visitors Guru’s website is available to view with the purpose to provide general understanding at your convenience. It is imperative and in your very best interest to make the effort to thoroughly review insurance plan “Brochure” and “Policy/Certificate” prior to purchasing the policy. Reviewing these documents will give you vital information such as: Schedule of Benefits/Limits, Exclusions, and Complete details. Visitors Guru will do our best to properly describe your plan, should there be a misunderstanding- the wording on the policy certificate will be honored. All Terms and Conditions listed on your insurance policy document(s) is legally applicable and binding.