Most Interesting Towns in New Jersey

New Jersey may be one of the smallest states in America, but it still offers plenty of places to explore. If you’re looking for something interesting to do in New Jersey, head to one of these interesting towns! You never know what you might find there.

1. Atlantic Highlands
This small town has everything you need for an awesome weekend getaway: Bayfront views, great shopping, historic tours, and natural areas. The fact that it’s a quick ferry ride from New York City doesn’t hurt, either.
Location: Monmouth County

2. Barnegat Light
For a town with a name that sounds like a beer, this isn’t a bad place to hang out for a while. The town is actually named after its lighthouse, which the locals affectionately call Old Barney. Check out the lighthouse, then head to town for a fresh fish dinner.
Location: Ocean County

3. Ocean Grove
Although this town has a classic small-town feel, it’s different than any other town you’ll come across these days. Enjoy the old-fashioned main street, and check out the tent homes where many residents opt to live in the summer. The entire thing is picturesque!
Location: Monmouth County

4. West Cape May
Unlike the more famous Cape May, West Cape May is a quiet place to visit. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of life, enjoy a slower pace in West Cape May. Here, you can buy all of your produce from roadside farm stands and taste New England wines at Willow Creek Winery before taking a relaxing stroll down Sunset Boulevard to Sunset Beach.
Location: West Cape County

5. Clinton
Clinton is the quintessential New England community. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the beauty of this historic town! Bring your camera, because you’ll want to snap photos of the Red Mill Museum, the historic homes, and the beautiful river.
Location: Hunterdon County

6. Glen Rock
This town could be said to house the Native American version of the Kaaba. In the center of town, you’ll find Pamachapuka, a rock that the local Native community believed was divinely sent from heaven. You also won’t want to miss visiting the town’s castle-like Starbucks.
Location: Bergen County

7. Princeton
If you have the chance, a trip to Princeton should definitely be in your travel itinerary. As you may have guessed, this town is home to the Ivy-League Princeton University. You can make a visit to this beautiful historic school, then immerse yourself in the artistic entertainment this town provides.
Location: Mercer County

8. Frenchtown
As the name implies, Frenchtown has a European feel to it. A visit to this town will whisk you away into the European countryside, where you can enjoy the charms of classic architecture and lovely gardens. Nature lovers will enjoy Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park, while foodies and shoppers will want to stay downtown forever.
Location: Hunterdon County

9. Hopewell
Although there’s nothing in particular that sets Hopewell apart, the town is an interesting place to visit, thanks to the variety of historic things to see and do. It is most popular for its many antique stores, but even non-shoppers will enjoy the Revolutionary War Graveyard and historic buildings.
Location: Mercer County

10. Cherry Hill
If you’re into agrotourism, you’ll love Cherry Hill! This town is characterized by the many cherry trees that line its streets, and it is the location of many working farms. If farms aren’t your thing, check out the local Underground Railroad history or enjoy the arts scene.
Location: Camden County

If New Jersey isn’t on your travel bucket list, why not add it now? There’s a lot to see and do in this tiny state! Which town would you like to visit first? Let us know in the comments!

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